cognition of the flat layout of boiler room equipment

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The boiler house is a big fire source. When an overflow or blowout happens the natural gas spilt over the wellhead drifts with wind to the boiler house making the boiler explode. In Figures 10-2-33 and 10-2-34 the wind blows toward the well site from the left front and the boiler house is located on the leeward.

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Important Considerations for a Design of Boiler Rooms in ...

Nov 07 2017 · example of a steam boiler used in a distillery. Location Location Location. Ideally the location of a boiler room in your distillery wants to be as close to the equipment that it is serving as possible. In general this means as close to your still and fermenters as possible. This is meant to minimize the distance that steam cold water etc. needs to travel to get to and from your equipment

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