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Jim Bridger - Wikipedia

Bridger was among the first mountain men to explore the natural wonders of the Yellowstone region. In the fall of 1824 Bridger explored the Great Salt Lake region reaching it by bull boat.: 6495108132 He was one of the first people to explore Yellowstones springs and geysers. Jim also shared that the creek split into two one side went to the Pacific Ocean and the other side the ...

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Li Bai - Wikipedia

Li Bai's name has been romanized as Li Bai Li Po Li Bo (romanizations of Standard Chinese pronunciations) and Ri Haku (a romanization of the Japanese pronunciation). The varying Chinese romanizations are due to the facts that his given name has two pronunciations in Standard Chinese: the literary reading bó (WadeGiles: po 2) and the colloquial reading bái; and that earlier authors used ...

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