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Jan 01 2013 · The decline is definitely the result of optimized combustion control which entails more stable combustion conditions less dust released and optimized burnout of the gas phase. However this combustion mode reduced not only the PIC concentration in fly ash but consequently the formation of dioxins in the boiler.

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Guidelines for NOx Control by Combustion Modification for ...

Furthermore it should be pointed out that the minimum excess air level most likely will vary on a given boiler depending on the particular combustion modification operating mode coal condition of the boiler and combustion system etc. Testing at two different burner register settings only are included in the simplified test plan example.

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This is because the larger boiler capacity results in a longer retention time of the unburned carbon (UBC) particles in the boiler and the combustion of the coal particles is promoted. Thus the UBC content in fly ash decreases with increasing boiler capacity and decreases the adsorption of Hg in fly ash.

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