burning natural gas boiler flue gas emission coefficient

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To use these figures the temperature and oxygen (or carbon dioxide) content of the flue gas must be known. Graphs are presented for boilers fired with natural gas (Figure C-1) Number 2 oil (Fig- ure C-2) and Number 6 oil (Figure C-3).

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Feb 02 2016 · Natural Gas: 117.10/thousand cubic feet: 53.12/thousand cubic feet: 117.00: 53.07: Gasoline: 19.60/gallon: 8.89/gallon: 157.20: 71.30: Residual Heating Fuel (Businesses only) 26.00/gallon: 11.79/gallon: 173.70: 78.79: Other transportation fuels: Jet Fuel: 21.10/gallon: 9.57/gallon: 156.30: 70.90: Aviation Gas: 18.40/gallon: 8.35/gallon: 152.60: 69.20

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Flue gas recirculation or FGR is the most effective method of reducing NOx emission from industrial boilers with inputs below 100 MMBtu/hr. FGR entails recirculating a portion of relatively cool exhaust gases back into the combustion process in order to lower the

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Natural Gas Fired Boilers

Natural gas boilers operate at lower excess air (O2) and a different airflow requirement for stoichiometric combustion. Coal fired boilers normally operate with 3-3.5% O2 (about 20% excess air). Whereas natural gas boilers normally operate at 1-1.5% O2 (about 7% excess air).

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Emissions (tons/year) CO CO2 METHANE N2O; NH3 NOX PART PM10; PM2.5 SO2 VOM; Calculate Emissions. Asphalt Plant; Boiler - Butane Fired; Boiler - Natural Gas Fired Currently selected; Boiler - Oil Fired; Boiler - Propane Fired; Chrome Plating; Concrete Batch Plant; Dry Cleaners; Grain Elevators; Incinerator; Quarry / Rock Crushing;

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EFFECTS OF THERMAL LOAD AND EXCESS AIR COEFFICIENT ON COMBUSTION PRODUCTS IN A NATURAL GAS-FIRED BURNER-BOILER. ... and flue gas emission s such as O 2 ... burner while burning natural gas

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