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CN102621135A - Method for detecting trace chloride ions in ...

The invention relates to a chloride ion detecting method in particular to a method for detecting trace chloride ions in boiler water which overcomes the defects in the prior art and is novel free of expensive instruments simple in operation and capable of accurately detecting trace chloride ions. The detecting method includes: reacting chloride ions (Cl-) with mercury ions (Hg2+) in ...

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What problem does a significant concentration of Cl ion ...

The more the chloride ions the more the scale formation. Thereforeit is necessary to limit it as low as possible. The problem with chloride ions is that high degree of dissolution makes it difficult to remove them at a later stage. It also serves as a standard of boiler water concentration together with total solids.

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Chloride level in Boiler feed water - Corrosion ...

Mar 04 2019 · The feed water is from the river I guess that is why the water in the boiler system has some amount of Chloride and it is up to 1500 ppm. RE: Chloride level in Boiler feed water EdStainless (Materials) 6 Mar 19 14:57

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Water Handbook - Boiler Blowdown Control | SUEZ

Because chlorides do not precipitate in the boiler water the relative chloride concentrations in feedwater and boiler water provide an accurate basis for calculating the rate of blowdown. The chloride test is unsuitable for this calculation when the feedwater chloride is

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CL WATER SERIES - New Yorker Boiler

ghe-hb water series; ghe combi water series; cast iron gas boilers. cg-f water series; cgs-c steam series; pvcg-c water series; oil boilers. cast iron oil boilers. cl water series; ci-hgs 3-pass water series; cl steam series; steel oil boilers. ap-u series; fr series; fr-hgs; fr light commercial; indirect

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