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A Boiler: The Explosive Potential of a Bomb

A common cause of explosion is the runaway firing condition that takes place when the boilers burner does not shut off. In this case when the hot-water heater is connected to the city water supply on one side and the building hot-water service on the other the check valve will shut off and no back pressure will go into the city side.

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Explosion Power GmbH - Automated Boiler Cleaning

Mar 11 2021 · Explosion Power Optimize your boiler performance with the new SPGr Design Series The design of the SPGr was determined based on the knowledge gained from more than 650 installed Shock Pulse Generators theoretical modelling and prototype tests in our pilot plant and WtE boilers.

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Power plant and calculations: Why do the Boilers explode???

Oct 20 2020 · The main reasons for Boiler explosions are; Operating the Boiler more than the design pressure for long time; Operating the Boilers at lower water level in drum; High furnace pressure; Poor water quality; Poor maintenance of Boilers in shutdowns; Ignoring the aging factors of Boiler parts; Operating the Boilers at higher main steam or metal temperature

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The Sultana Part 2: How do boilers go boom? Equipment ...

Apr 06 2015 · There is a tremendous amount of energy stored in a boiler under pressure; almost all of this energy is in the water. A sudden drop in pressure will cause a portion of water to instantly boil creating steam which expands rapidly. This expansive power is what creates catastrophic explosions.

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