natural gas boilers can cause professional diseases

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1.1.5 Gas Boilers. Hydrogen can be burned in a boiler in the same way as can any fuel gas. Hydrogen fuel and air are fed to the combustion zone where they are ignited to produce heat. Using hydrogen in a natural gas boiler is much the same as using natural gas. A number of small modifications to the boiler are required the most important of ...

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Apr 08 2020 · Boilers that burn coal oil and natural gas contribute to carbon pollution the biggest driver of climate change . Boilers that burn oil and natural gas also emit methane another potent greenhouse gas. These contribute to warmer temperatures that drive changes that threaten health. Hazardous air pollutants .

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Natural gas is a sensitizer which means that exposure can lead to intolerance and adverse reactions both to it and other substances in our environment. The British medical journal The Lancet reported in1996 that the use of domestic gas appliances particularly gas stoves was linked to increased asthma respiratory illness and impaired lung function especially in young

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