the condensation temperature of s2o in the flue gas of the boiler is

Flue Gas Dew Point Temperatures - Engineering ToolBox

Flue gas dew point temperature is the temperature where condensation of water vapor in the flue gas starts. Dew Point Temperature of Flue Gases (pdf) Sponsored Links . Related Topics . Combustion - Boiler house topics - fuels like oil gas coal wood - chimneys safety valves tanks - combustion efficiency;

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Flue Gas Condensation Could Be Killing Your Boiler | Boiler

Flue gas will form and condense on a heat exchanger and in the boiler stack when it falls below its dew point and this occurs when the return water temps of the system are around 135°F. The vapor of the flue gas undergoes a phase change into a liquid which is now acidic with a pH typically between 25.

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Flue-gas condensation - Wikipedia

Flue gas condensation is a process where flue gas is cooled below its water dew point and the heat released by the resulting condensation of water is recovered as low temperature heat.Cooling of the flue gas can be performed either directly with a heat exchanger or indirectly via a condensing scrubber.The condensation of water releases more than 2 gigajoules (560 kWh) per ton of condensed wat

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